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A partner with Jebat Photography Club, RUN AMOK are inviting all friend and members to :


'Encik Perak Man' Exhibition

Opening: Saturday 15th November, 7-10 pm @ Run Amok Gallery, Georgetown, Penang.



Run Amok is delighted to announce our upcoming show by Grieve Perspective, a collective based in Singapore. For this exhibition, Grieve Perspective has produced a series of photographic imagery by working with students from USM (Penang) based on the subject of Perak Man.
Artist Statement:
Grieve Perspective is based in Singapore and works collaboratively. Its artists inquires after death and its place in Southeast Asia. Under their latest scrutiny is Perak Man: an 11,000 year-old fossilised human found in Lenggong, Perak in 1991, and a recurring metaphor used to galvanise imaginations of our archipelagic past. Death is evidenced through its proxies, in the photographs of the departed, the mementos it bequeaths us or the bones it leaves behind. Arrayed upon our shelves, they also become objects of contemplation for the now and the hereafter. This set of digital images juxtapose the long dead with the young and the living. The Skull of Perak Man is in their hands, not yet an object of reverie, but awaiting its future animation.
Please check facebook event page for more event details.
Show opens from 16.11 to 07.12.2014, from Tuesday toSunday 11am – 6pm (or by appointment)
151-O, Off Hutton Lane, 10050 Georgetown, Malaysia.
+6010 4617311
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