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Invitation to 'Weathering: Zack Low' exhibition
Opening: Saturday 20th December, 7-10 pm @ Run Amok Gallery, Georgetown, Penang.
Run Amok is delighted to announce our forthcoming inaugural solo exhibition by Zack Low, an outsider artist / full-time jewellery designer; featuring his latest series of sculptures, aluminium etchings and installation work.
Growing up with little material resource, Zack was driven to explore material in a different way. Aluminium is one of the most used materials in his practice. Before Aluminium became a quotidian tactile experience in our lives through smart devices, it was consider as an inferior material compared to gold, silver or copper due to its malleability and unstable nature. However these are the attributes Zack sees most apt in creating his work.
Every artist has their own pool of resources; flea market, junk shop and recycling yard are Zack’s sites for inspiration, where he scavenges what could be deemed as useless. Romantically, if one may say his work is an attempt to ‘rescue’ these materials from their imminent fate of becoming obsolete and utilise them as part of his whimsical and self-critical body of work.
Please check facebook event page for more event details.
Show opens from 21.12 to 11.01.2015, from Tuesday to Sunday 11am – 6pm (or by appointment)
151-O, Off Hutton Lane, 10050 Georgetown, Malaysia.
+6010 4617311
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